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The Holy Spirit Conference is still going on!

12046609_10153825337177214_4126692184982487779_nYesterday morning the Holy Spirit Conference began in full swing. If you missed it, we still have tonight and tomorrow night if you would like to join us. Both Bishop Kenneth Johnson and Prophet Donald Moore have both spoke, and let me tell you… they are GREAT speakers! If you have not had a chance to hear them, then you want to attend the remaining days of the Holy Spirit Conference. I guarantee you will be blessed! Come one, come all, and bring a friend. See you there!

K.B.B. – Kingdom Business Boost

  • Refer a Business
  • Grow a Business
  • Grow a Kingdom Business

MISSION STATEMENT – The purpose for K.B.B. is to advance and grow businesses within the Church body of New Life Church. As a Church body, our mission is to prayerfully support one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord and in the faith. We are a family and have each others best interest at heart. Our mission for K.B.B. will essentially be accomplished by New Life Church receiving your business card, then your business will be placed in our Business Directory listing (on our display table), placed in our handouts for new members, and on our website (as new people view). Our mission for K.B.B. is to allow the businesses within our Church body to grow by advertisement through the Church.

  • By referring (and using) our businesses to each other within our Church body as well as outside of the Church.
  • Tithing from your business to your Church as unto the Lord
  • Growing a “Kingdom Business” – Matthew 6:19-21

By sowing the tithe from what He has blessed your business with, will allow the Lord to become actively involved in your business to bring increase and blessing. This will enhance and grow for you a “Kingdom Business”. In simply obeying the word in Malachi 3:10 – Bring the “Whole” tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house (or business). It’s crucial that we place our finances where we can receive a guaranteed rate of return. Where on this earth can you receive a guaranteed rate of return? According to Matt 6:19-21, you will be laying up your treasures in heaven where the interest rate is beyond measure, and thieves cannot break through and steal, because where your treasure is there will be your heart also. We believe that God’s word works, and as we submit to and obey his word by acting upon what it says, then we will begin to reap a harvest of Blessings from our obedience. Galatians 6:7 states whatever a man sows, that very thing shall he reap back. His “WORD WORKS”, if we fail not to work and practice His word!! K.B.B. is an example of working His word with a guarantee of an ABUNDANT return, and we pray that you will become a part of this abundant return. Let’s all help one another grow our businesses, grow our personal finances, and grow God’s business together!